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 A Junkee Shoppe is a well established business entity and we went online in 2004. We have gained recognition and trust from the people who have purchased used items from us over the years on popular internet selling venues.


 A Junkee Shoppe sells used items that are well described so customers known exactly what they will be receiving when they purchase from us. We have plenty of experience processing and testing all sorts of used items that can be recycled and used again. Not all of our items are tested though to the full extent and this partial testing will always be stated in the item description. We do sell non working items that can be used for parts and this also will be stated in the item descriptions on our web site.


 A Junkee Shoppe has over 3000 positive feedbacks with a 100% feedback rating on the auction sites and marketplace venues we started to sell on. We hope to continue to satisfy our customers here on our own home web site store and make our customers feel it's been worth their time to have passed through our store even if it's just to window shop and browse.


Thank You!


A Junkee Shoppe is located in Las Vegas, Nevada


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